Ohr Somayach Is A Nationally Accredited College Of Judaic Studies

Ohr Somayach Monsey appreciates a vibrant partnership with the wider Monsey community as well as bordering neighborhoods, offering quality shiurim on a daily and also once a week basis that are open to the public. Among its most preferred, well-attended everyday courses are two Amud Yomi shiurim provided specifically by Rabbi Yochanan Wosner and Rabbi Mordechai Leiser; a Daf Yomi shiur by Rabbi Yisroel Rokowsky and also an once a week Sfas Emes shiur on the parsha by Rabbi Yisroel Simcha Schorr. A collection of shiurim for ladies, presented by Mrs. Chani Juravel, attracts over 70 participants weekly. Prior to the chagim and throughout the year, Ohr Somayach collaborates a collection of talks for the community at large, presented by optimal educators as well as sound speakers. The yeshiva hosts an inspirational Yom Iyun before Rosh Hashana and also Yom Kippur, as well as Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman provides a standing-room just pre-Yom Kippur address.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Rebetzin Tehila Jaeger, Rebetzin Feige Twersky and also Rebetzin Tziporah Heller are among the notable audio speakers that have actually influenced audiences by means of Ohr Somayach Monsey’s network of shiurim provided to the general public. Ohr Somayach’s household division, Ora V’Simcha, directed by Rabbi Naftali Reich as well as hosted in the gorgeous Beit Shvidler Conference Establishment, conducts monthly weekend break retreats as well as a number of family member’s occasions for Jewish family members looking for spiritual growth and rejuvenation. Beit Shvidler’s beautiful resort facility is an important part of the Ohr Somayach’s School while appreciating its very own domain name provided with charming preference and also basic style, the structure emanates a welcoming setting. Its luxurious lodgings provide guests the optimum comfortably and design. Close sufficient to the Yeshiva Town to soak up the power and exhilaration of that organization, Beit Shvidler retains its individual personality with the aid of a personal yard including the establishment as well as setting it apart.

Every year, numerous hectic experts’ nonprofessionals and college student avail themselves of Ohr Somayach’s Web link ‘N’ Learn program, signing up with the yeshiva for a brief period of time. These drop-in visitswhether for a day, a week or a month are gold chances to taste yeshiva life and understanding in an easy to use mode. Specific individually finding out partners and also unique mentoring opportunities with advanced pupils are established for Link ‘N’ instruct students, to supplement their class encounter. The versatility of the Web link ‘N’ Learn program has actually brought in hundreds of boys excited to avail themselves of the boosting Beis Medrash finding out experience, however unable to missing themselves from their university or job timetable for a full semester. Connect ‘N’ Learn participants come away spiritually energized, a lot more well-informed regarding Torah, and all set to reengage the challenges and also possibilities of their everyday lives.

The goal of every major pupil of Judaism is to attain self-sufficiency in comprehending Jewish contents. For the boy with intellectual capacities and also motivation, that detects a difference in between his mastery of secular as well as Jewish subjects, the need to obtain a capability to independently examine Jewish standards is an immediate one. And also, if he just has one year to commit to this relatively difficult initiative before starting his basic studies, he should find a program specifically designed for achieving this breakthrough within such a minimal period. Such a program has actually been established for motivated blog post high school students who could not have had a solid official Jewish education. The program has its own convenient facilities with its own unique educational program. A unique staff will certainly offer guideline and also advice to small courses so that individual focus can be offered each pupil.

Ohr Somayach, based in Jerusalem, offers Diaspora young people pertaining to Israel trying to find their origins a chance to experience Jewish understanding in their own language, at their very own speed and also at an intellectual level that equals and also surpasses that of the Ivy Organization colleges where many have come. In its battle versus Jewish ignorance, Ohr Somayach has targeted outstanding college students and grads that are accomplished in secular researches, yet have actually never ever discovered an equivalent degree of quality in Jewish research studies. Ohr Somayach’s exceptional personnel consists of scholars that are previous professors at leading colleges in the United States and also that are as conversant in Kant as well as Hegel as they are in Maimonides. They show standard Talmud abilities to tiny teams, supply individual therapy to young people at a crossroads in their lives, as well as resolve the big picture concerns that so preoccupy college students in their quest for meaning.

Tanya Wilson